~ The History of Valobra Jewelry ~

The History of the Valobra Jewelry Atelier begins in 1905 in Piazza San Carlo, in Torino, Italy. The exceptional workmanship and attention to details on the execution, paired with the extraordinary design skills, earned the Valobra Atelier the title of official jewelers to the Italian royal family.

The House of Savoy, then the longest-reigning dynasty in Europe, commissioned to Vittorio Valobra (1874-1954) and his artisans a number of spectacular pieces, from matrimonial tiaras to official royal medals, as well as multiple jewelry creations to be worn and enjoyed by King Vittorio Emanuele III and his family.

The Atelier survived the First and Second World War and thrived in creating jewelry for the most discerning and sophisticated tastes. Vittorio’s son Aldo (1901-1993) turned the beautiful shop into a “pointe de rencontre” for the nobility of Torino, which was the official residence of the Royal Family. His son Vittorio (1929-2007) extended the scope of the Atelier by designing and creating jewelry for world-renowned jewelry houses, while still retaining his creative genius for his loyal and beloved clients.

Today the fourth generation of the Valobra family has further expanded the international reach of the Valobra Jewelry Atelier. The first gallery in the United States was opened in 1982 in a historically relevant building on Royal Street in the heart of the French Quarter of New Orleans, followed in 2006 by the opening of its Atelier in Houston, Texas. The world-renowned Via Nassa in Lugano, Switzerland is home to the newest Valobra boutique, which opened its magnificent doors in 2013.

More than a century has passed since the very first Valobra jewel was designed and handmade in Torino, Italy. Now Valobra creations have been worn at the Academy Awards and the Emmys, and have been featured worldwide in fashion magazines such as Vogue and W. Special pieces have been commissioned for international celebrities and movie stars, and still the philosophy of Valobra has not, and will never, change. As it was best said by the firm founder, “Jewelry designing is one of those rare endeavors in which you can strive for and obtain absolute perfection.”

We will not settle for anything less.


333 Royal Street
New Orleans, LA 70130



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